The Writer's Corner Inside LaCreeperie's Online Bookshop

I haven't done much promoting of my bookshop here lately, if ever really, as somehow I thought the two wouldn't crossover. But I wanted to make an exception for one of the categories in my shop called The Writer's Corner. It's where I feature books and other helpful tools for the fellow writer, specifically.

Although not as heavily stocked as some of my other categories in the shop, I opted for quality over quantity. But I wanted to bring special attention to the gorgeous Stephen King Desk Calendars featured here. These hardcover, spiral notebooks are top quality, include tasty tidbits from King's books, films, articles and more. It doesn't even matter that they are from previous years, when you see how inspiring the layout is, it won't even matter. These calendars are no longer made, and are rather difficult to find, especially unused.

Below are a few photos from the inside of these calendars, just to give you an idea. Hopefully these will pique your interest enough to head to the bookshop and check them out. And bonus, everything in the shop is 30% off with code GIMME30 until further notice. Enjoy!