Desia & Ian: 1982 My First Ebook is LIVE

  That's right kids, I finally (after decades) hit that 'publish' button! I recently read somewhere that sometimes you have to get lost to find the right way again, and I think that's what happened to me. So I bit the bullet and self-published Desia & Ian: 1982 on Amazon Kindle. This is essentially the first part of a three part series, which will then be available as a paperback book on demand. That's a bit down the road though, so for now I hope you'll enjoy this first installment.

As I previously posted, I am in the process of writing a Halloween anthology, a supernatural novella, as well as a semi-autobiographical novel. Sounds like a lot to have on one plate, but I wasn't kidding when I said this has been years in the making, and there is no stopping me now! I now know what it feels like to put something I created out into the world, instead of just reading or hearing about it from the likes of Stephen King or Neil Gaiman. While I can only aspire to join their lofty ranks, I'm happy with this little baby step, and will continue onward and forward, with my big girl panties hoisted firmly around my proverbial waist.

Stay tuned for updates concerning more publications, but right now I'd better get back to writing...