Tips For A Successful Etsy Shop

Etsy has become one of the fastest growing marketplace platforms in recent years. It is such a refreshing change from some of the other big name sites out there, and one of the main reasons is because of its artist-based community. True, you may only sell handmade items, vintage goods or supplies on Etsy, but that is what makes it so great. No box store items here, most listings are one of a kind, specialized and often eco-friendly or 'green'.


An Etsy seller is given the freedom to decide how their shop will look, and it’s up to you to brand your shop with a specific look or feel. The best and easiest way to do this is through your photos. Etsy loves a clean, neutral colored background, and/or an artistic portrayal of the item; extreme close-up, sharply angled, action shots, and the like. The basic idea is to sell your item based on the photo, in addition to an informative and clever product description. Digital cameras have become so affordable and easy to use, they are essential in producing clear, accurate images of your items.

Good lighting is another factor to pay close attention to when taking photos, and cannot be stressed enough. Remember that every monitor is different according to color adjustment and accuracy. Natural light works very well for clothing and larger pieces. Bright light is usually needed for small items such as jewelry or highly detailed goods. Take a few test shots of your product with, and without the flash setting on your camera, to decide which way will feature your item best--but more importantly--which way serves as the most accurate representation of the piece.


After a photo has pulled a potential buyer into your listing, it’s up to you to engage them in a thorough explanation of the item, adding elements such as; size, color, dimensions, history and uses. Humor is a great way to connect with a buyer, and can be easily achieved based on the nature of the item you are selling. Point out little details that may not be noticeable at first, but become clear after reading your description. And please, do yourself a favor and check your descriptions carefully for typos, spelling and grammatical errors.

If you are selling a vintage item, any specific history known about the piece is an excellent selling point. People love to know where things came from, especially if there is a particularly interesting fact regarding it’s previous whereabouts. If you are the creator of the item, explain how the piece was made, or perhaps where you made the item. For instance, in a studio, home office or cozy corner within your home. These kinds of details add specialty and uniqueness, and many Etsy shoppers are looking for things that cannot be found anywhere else.


Listing frequently is key to acquire the necessary traffic needed to facilitate sales. If you are selling an item within a saturated category, it is more important than ever to offer fresh listings as often as possible. Even if you list just a few items a day, that is enough to keep you near the top of a search page, without being buried under hundreds of similar items. Renewing older listings will bring in plenty of fresh views, but make sure that the photos are up to par with the rest of your shop, and the descriptions provide plenty of information while being clear and concise.

Happy selling!