Little Successes: The Rewards of Challenging Yourself

Every writer has to begin their journey somewhere. In fact, every person in every type of career, artistry or other accomplishment had to begin at the beginning. And just like a child learning to walk by attempting to stand over and over again, the child finally succeeds and rejoices in the new experience of overcoming an obstacle, or checkpoint. A true human element we can all relate to.

Getting outside the box

For the purpose of this article, let's look at challenging yourself in writing. No matter if you're just beginning to freelance, are a highly established blogger, an accomplished author or even somewhere in between, we can all challenge ourselves to attain higher goals and enrich our writing experiences. What this means is gradually--or constantly, whatever motivates you properly--putting ourselves outside the cozy little box of our comfort zones. Whether you think about it or not, you are building confidence with every little baby step success you achieve.

Free will

Fear of failure is of course an insidious, complex emotion we all experience in our lives sometime or another. Often, we let it get the better of ourselves and stand in the way of our little successes. But that's just it, we let it dictate our failure, when it doesn't have to. It's frankly as simple as a matter of choice. Believe it or not, we choose to allow fear into our minds and destroy the universal flow of positive actions and reactions which occur in our daily lives. We were given free will, the ultimate human element above all other creatures on this earth. Use it wisely.

So how do we apply this to writing? Accept or apply for an assignment that perhaps requires slightly more knowledge or experience than you think you have. Set a daily/weekly/monthly writing goal which is important to you and your writing journey. Customize each challenge to a reasonable size or level, because somewhere deep inside that head and heart of yours, you have to believe you can do it. You will most likely surprise yourself with how quickly you adapt to your goal with each one you attain. Then commit yourself to achieving a slightly bigger goal the next time around, the sense of accomplishment will motivate you more and more to get outside of that comfy box, or at least build a bigger box.

The Steps

• Make a choice/set a goal

• Challenge yourself

• Celebrate the achievement (no matter how small!)

• Rinse and repeat

This concept can work with just about anything in your life that you want to experience or achieve; a new job or career, weight loss, even better relationships. The point is to challenge yourself so you can receive the reward. Regardless if the first or twenty-first attempt isn't as successful as you'd like it to be, the point is you at least took the first step...then the second and so on. Maybe the challenge is to make the initial decision of what it is you want to achieve. Great! The first step can sometimes be the hardest, so be sure to celebrate accordingly when you've reached that decision. Utilize these steps in such a way as to shed the light on the path, and the path will open up for you one day--or one challenge--at a time.