How to Sell on Etsy for Maximum Success

Taking Stock In Your Shop

To be an Etsy seller is very rewarding and fulfilling occupation, allowing all the opportunity to offer products to the world in a community brimming with artists and creative people with like minds.

Your shop is up and running, you diligently list new items (and relist expiring items) and market your shop on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other social networking sites. But sales and traffic just aren't up to where they could be, and you're stumped as to how to remedy the situation.

The Checklist

First of all, let's run through a checklist of things you should be doing on a daily basis:

1.) List New Items Everyday - This cannot be stressed enough. It's extremely important that your shop look fresh and new, each and everyday, particularly if you list in a saturated category (such as jewelry, clothing, etc.). Your shop must look like it has a constant presence and activity to keep up buyer interest.

2). Relist/Renew Listings Everyday - Don't forget about items you have already listed that are nearing their four month mark. Relisting also help when you are short on new listings, or don't have the time to list anything new that day. Extra tip: Avoid renewing older listings in the same order--mix it up a bit. This helps give the added appearance of fresh and new listings, even if buyers have the seen the items before.

3.) Twitter, Twitter, Twitter - As it has been said before, Etsy has a huge presence on Twitter, and will really help you to gain traffic, and ultimately followers and buyers when you tweet each listing as you list it. Etsy has made this very easy by adding the buttons at the top of each listing page, and within each page, so you can do this at any time--and often. Be sure you're 'hunting and gathering' new followers by following back, and searching out those with like interests. Extra tip: Twitterfeed is a site that will automatically tweet your listings for you. Sign up here to help you save time when you just don't have the time to spare, or forget to tweet. It's all extra exposure,you can't tweet too much!

4.) Facebook - There are a lot of mixed feelings about Facebook, but there's no denying it's popularity and broad spread. Be sure you're frequently updating your fan page on Facebook, alerting fans of new listings, discounts and promotions that you may be running. Extra tips: Spring for a Facebook Ad Campaign--even for a short while. This will reach thousands of extra eyes, and help you gain more followers quickly. Also, start a new album of 'Sneak Peek' photos of items which have yet to be listed. This really helps to get a buzz going about your new products.

5.) Pinterest - Pinning your items to coordinating boards is a great way to promote your shop and easily gain followers and traffic to your listings. It's super fun too! Etsy now includes a Pinterest button on each listing page, so it's really easy to pin new and favorite listings and get fresh views every day.

6.) Take Great Photos - Your photos are really the only thing that can make or break a sale. Clear, well lit photos are the ultimate representation of your hard work, and should showcase each item effectively. Use as many of the available five photos as possible, to give your buyers confidence in their purchase.

Extra Strategies

Now let's look at some extra things you can do to maximize your Etsy success:

1.) - This site (if you're not currently using it) should be the next site you bookmark, and get signed up with. This is essential when you want to run a sale, and literally get it up and running in a matter of a few clicks. Additionally, all of your sale items are will be shown on the site, so it's added exposure for your listings. Each sale you run only costs four credits, and you purchase credits by dollar amount.

UPDATE: Etsy now has its own on-site sale capability, but the ideas still apply.

2.) Coupon Codes - Everyone loves to get a deal, and creating a coupon code is a snap. Just hover your mouse over the 'Your Shop' link along the top of any Etsy page, and you'll see the link to create a coupon code. You can make them active for as little or as long as you like. Promote your code either within individual listings, within your shop announcement, and all social networking media sites. Don't forget your blog (if you have one)...

3.) Blog - Having a blog tied to your Etsy Shop is an excellent way to create a circle of interest around your items. People love to see and hear about how items are made, where you found the items you're selling and any other interesting factoids you wish to share about the process. This also is the perfect answer to, "What do I blog about?". This is another place you can offer special discounts and offers to your readers. Don't forget to post a link to your blog in your shop announcement and on your profile. And speaking of your profile...

4.) Etsy Profile and About Shop Link - Make sure your Etsy profile is completely filled out, explaining a little about you and what you do, what you're selling. This gives your shop an added personal touch, and people love to know about the person behind the items their purchasing. New feature: Etsy just rolled out the "About" link which will show up under the 'Shop Info' once you've activated it and filled it out. Posting pictures and info about your process is just another way to make your buyers feel comfortable about their purchase and where it's coming from. Believe it or not, some people are still squeamish buying items online, so anything you can do to help alleviate that, will only help you win sales.

5.) Get Active! - Etsy is all about community, so participating in the features Etsy has to offer will really increase your traffic, views, hearts and ultimately, sales. Maketreasuries of your favorite items from other sellers and the favor will be returned to you many times over. Join teams of other sellers of similar interests and help promote each others items, this will also pay off big time. Remember, Etsy sellers are almost always Etsy shoppers too! Read and post to the forums to interact with other sellers, get helpful tips and tricks and to stay on top of any upcoming changes or issues.

In Closing...

While it's true you can't force people to buy things at any given time, these few tips should at least increase your chances of sales. More traffic, more views, more awareness of your shop all add to your arsenal of weapons to ensure maximum Etsy success. Happy selling!