A Sluggish Start...Finding Balance With A Writing Schedule

Photo by Alan Cleaver
As previously stated, I have many irons in the writing fires, so to speak. The first two weeks of any new endeavor are the hardest (they say). And while it is never hard for me to write, it is perpetually difficult to find enough time in the day to get everything done that needs getting done. However, to be fair, I could roll my butt out of bed at an earlier hour, which would undoubtedly solve the problem of time.

Thus far, I have only written one Hub of the required eight for this month, and we're nearly half way through the month. A sluggish start, indeed. As with most things, we have only to blame ourselves for poor time management, improper prioritizing, and procrastination. Hmmm...quite the pattern of P's there...never noticed that before. Thing is, I want to be motivated. I adore writing. However, at this time, I have to keep up with my other obligations to earn a living. Same old story, right??

Sigh...I will get on track. Even this post is one writing obligation I can cross off of the day. But I've got some serious catching up to do, so I'd best get at it. Thanks for reading, and happy writing!