Getting Closer...Picking Up Writing Speed and Short Term Goals

OK, so we're (a little past) half way through the month, and I'm foraging forward up the mountain of writing work I have. I've now completed three of the required eight Hubs for the Apprenticeship Program, and by the end of the day I will have four. Now is the time I set up little goals for myself; tiny, achievable goals that I can feel good about accomplishing. The first one is to shoot for 10 Hubs a month, just two more than the required number. I think that's do-able, and I can always write more, but completing at least 10 gives me a guaranteed chunk o'cash at the end of every month, which of course always makes me feel good.

What changes have I made in my schedule to accommodate the new writing requirements? Let's see...

1. I'm going to bed earlier, therefore I'm getting up earlier in the morning = more hours in the day to get stuff done.

2. I'm giving Hub Pages precedence over other commitments i.e; listing in Etsy Shops, record shopping, etc.

3. Not really a change per se, but I'm getting a little faster at writing articles, blog posts and such. Practice, practice, practice!

Not life altering changes, but so far, it seems to work. I'd like to tighten things up even more, to make room for even more writing, and a good chunk for reading everyday as well. Working on this one... Hub Pages has really become a very interesting avenue for writing and reading fellow Hubbers' articles. It used to be somewhat of a chore to find topics I wanted to read about, but I'm finding more and more each time I log in to do a little daily 'interacting' (reading, commenting, rating) as is also required by the Apprenticeship Program.

Stay tuned for more progress reports as I sail into the second half of the first month. It's gonna get easier, I just need to crack the whip on myself, and buckle down. Off I go!