Crunch Time + Double Deadline = Staunch Writing Schedule

OK, it's crunch time here at Alwritetea Central! I've just completed required Hub #6 for the Apprenticeship Program, with just 2 more to go by Saturday. Breathe. This sounds like no big deal, but this of course does not include the blog posts I'm behind on --on both blogs-- or the upcoming freelance assignments due on next Tuesday, or the stack of amazing records I just acquired which need to be photographed and listed, or the pile of sales that need to be shipped ASAP. Forget about the house that needs to be thoroughly cleaned before a going away party I'm throwing on Saturday, or the yard which will need mowing and the 40 foot section of weeds which need pulling before then too...Yeesh!

With all of the above being said, this post will undoubtedly be short, but full of hopeful promise. Of course I know I can complete all of these tasks and assignments, but as we all know, life is what happens when you're busy making other plans. But that's OK, everything will happen just as it should, and I will get through it...right??

So let's all send out the positive vibes for each other to complete our short term goals on time, shall we? I know when I get on the other side of this little crunch time and double deadline it will feel really good to have accomplished so much in one month's time. And then to start all over I go! Happy writing!