Preparing For Success with Prep Work: Mental & Physical Part 2

Today, I woke up from a lengthy dream and wrote down as much of it as I could remember. It wasn't that the dream was particularly startling, amazing, scary or profound, it was simply the act of writing it down Just. Never. Know. I also think it's time to dig out the old journals from lifetimes ago (I could just kick myself for burning a few of them) and go through them with a writer's critical eye and mind. The whole point is to begin fleshing out ideas, storylines, concepts and other whatnots for some serious writing.

One of the things I hate most is yard work. I'm not talking about tending a flourishing organic garden, or pampering prized collections of roses, I mean pulling mammoth weeds, digging up hard, uneven dirt, transplanting trees, laborious removal of ancient mystery bushes just to make things 'presentable'. I have never had a green thumb, I'm not a sun worshiper, and I abhor the heat. BUT, what this does is give me time to listen to audiobooks to occupy my mind and feed my creativity, while my body gets a workout and the yard gets a little more respectable each day.

What does yard work have to do with writing, you say? Good question, and I'll get to that in a minute. First of all, it effectively fulfills my needs as a German/Gemini to efficiently multitask. See, in my mind, pulling weeds is redundant and a waste of time because they're just going to grow back in a week. Now I know there are preventative measures that can be taken, and we'll be employing them, but you know what I mean. So while doing these menial tasks, I am listening to Stephen King's On Writing so that even though I'm not physically working on writing, I'm mentally working on writing.

And just as a newly completed piece of writing gives a writer a wonderful sense of accomplishment, so does a newly well-kept looking yard, and an exercised body and mind. Think about it!