Learning Valuable Lessons with Honesty and Professionalism

I have just learned a very, very valuable lesson, and I'd like to share it with you. Recently, I have been working with a content site that has, so far, not been very fulfilling. Granted, writing assignments are only given about once a month-that I have experienced-so we're not talking about a great deal of work here. Nevertheless, in my household, every dollar counts. Besides, it's good for experience and my writing resume. This month's work was assigned, and it was weighing heavily on my mind because the assignments are not ones I enjoy, and I work waaay too hard at making them something they don't need to be. So.

The Universe has really interesting ways of bringing you 'tests' and the things you ask for regardless if you're really ready for them or not; I received an email from an administrator of the company basically asking if I was still interested in working with them. WELL.. I took this opportunity (and this was, indeed, an opportunity) to carefully explain that while I was very interested in continuing with the company, there seemed to be a lot of miscommunications and confusion surrounding each batch of assignments (and there were), which I found to be problematic and not up to the level of professionalism I have become accustomed to. I took the opportunity to further explain that given my level of experience and expertise, the pay rate was far below what I felt was acceptable to continue on with them, and that I would like to be released from the obligation of the current assignments, and any future assignments of this particular kind. Then I told them I wished them continued success and thanked them for the opportunity to write for them in the first place.

Feeling really good about this, I went about my business, looking through the writing job boards for something to replace this work. I came across an article contest in which I could enter as many times as I wanted with not only cash prizes being awarded, but a place on the editorial team as the grand prize. Say no more! I promptly set to work, entering four articles I had ready for placement. THEN...

I receive another email from the admin explaining that, after viewing my profile, I was indeed qualified for a higher level of assignments, with a much higher level of pay. Also, thanking me for my patience while they were in the midst of creating a new assignment process, to eliminate further issues. DING DING DING DING DING!

Lesson learned: be professional, honest and forthcoming with situations that are causing a problem in your creative process or obstructing your path to success. If you're like me and have a hard time saying "NO", this method of action really comes in handy, and chances are everything will work out in your favor in ways you may never have imagined. I never dreamed they would respond with an offer of better quality, higher paying work that was much better suited to my talents. Cool huh?

Happy writing!