Journaling: An Important Part of Any Writing Process

Having been an avid journal-er my whole life, I can't even remember a time when I didn't write in a journal. Perhaps when I was very young I called it a diary--actually my diary's name was Daphne because it sounded so exotic. But there was always a notebook or two around, filled with whatever nonsense a young girl of 10 or 12 finds important in her world. Sometimes I even typed my journal pages on my Mom's electric typewriter, because for some reason, I always loved the physical action of typing (don't ask me why). Too bad I no longer have those early journals, it would be really fascinating to read them now...

Fast forward to my adult life, and all of my journals have to be really special looking. That's journals, as in plural, because I have to have at least a few around to inspire me when the mood to write hits. I have journals strictly for poetry, for special quotes and sayings I come across, for oracle readings, a personal journal (or two), a dream workbook and a writing-for-work journal. Whew! I guess I didn't realize just how many different books it takes to satisfy my needs!

Which brings me to the point of today's post. I have previously talked about the benefits of writing-by-hand, and how the sheer physical act of it can really help; get the creative juices flowing, soothe your soul on a bad day, and get those sudden inspired thoughts down quickly. There are just so many reasons to get your face out of a computer screen and enjoy the process of handwriting in a little notebook that speaks to you and your creative self. It makes the act of writing in it so much more enjoyable if the colors, pictures, inspirational sayings or design of a special book speak to you in some way, and help transfer you to 'that place' in your mind where you can effortlessly write about anything you choose for a few precious moments, or a few satisfying hours.

Just don't make the mistake of destroying your journals when they have been filled, forgotten, or otherwise made 'useless' to you. Pack them away if you must. But someday, I promise you, there will come a time when what you had written there will be of the utmost importance, whether you realize it or not. Happy writing!