Making Executive Decisions: Know When To Walk Away

I just made a ballsy move. I just declined a writing assignment from CopyPress. You see, because I have made the firm decision to write 'something big' for myself, I just don't have the inclination to write a boring product description for $8. While it's true that, in my household, every dollar counts, the $8 that I won't receive until the middle of next month won't make one whit of a difference. I just didn't see it as being a valuable way to spend my time, creativity and talent. Not that I'm riding a high horse about my skills--nothing could be further from the truth--but what I am exercising here is my choice for value. (Remember, I'm a German/Gemini with an unending need for efficiency).

The other thing is, I will spend so many hours on this uninteresting piece of writing, fighting against my natural instincts to make it something it doesn't need to be. There just isn't any reason why I need to subject myself to that, when I could be writing an informative blog post, completing a writing exercise, making notes on the very long and involved dream I had last night, working on my class syllabus, or sorting through old journals looking for ideas.

Recently, I posted about being accepted into the HubPages Apprenticeship Program. This is a valuable endeavor because not only will they be paying me to write (albeit little, it's steady monthly income I can count on), it's like taking writing classes for free. Complete with peer feedback, guidance from our team's leader, and a rigorous writing schedule. I am so looking forward to it, and the possibilities it can bring. Besides, many people have been 'discovered' or have been offered incredible opportunities because of their Hubs, so the more of my writing I put out there, the better the chance I have of something great happening because of it.

I feel really good about this decision, which is all that matters. When something is weighing on me like a black cloud over my head, I'm getting better at saying 'No' or getting through it with a positive outlook and attitude...this is serving me very well so far.