Building Writing Material: Inspiration from Short Stories...Horror Fiction 1970's Style

So I've decided to start writing short stories, anywhere from 100 words to 3000. I sort of like the idea of getting the ball rolling with 100 word short stories; little bursts of 'plot and circumstance'. I have begun to see flashes of storylines in my head, which is a good sign. I have yet to write anything down, but it's only a matter of time. Lately, I have been on a big 70's horror kick (big surprise) with the books I've been reading--as if you couldn't tell by my reading list this month! Jack Oleck in particular, who adapted horror anthology films into paperback stories like Tales From the Crypt and The Vault of Horror, has gotten me especially jazzed. And no wonder, just look at the great covers...

Something else has caught my attention; a Writer's Market specifically for novels and short story submissions! This is a brilliant idea, especially if you have seen the size of the regular Writer's Market--it's HUGE and HEAVY. This narrows the channels quite a bit, and makes the submission process a little less daunting and tiny bit less scary. I hope. It's the next reference book on my list to acquire, so I'll let you know.

Remember, I am a late bloomer, and have spent years of my life not believing in myself, or allowing myself to act on becoming a writer. So these might seem like inconsequential, and even trivial matters to more accomplished writers. But the purpose of this blog is to offer helpful information and process to anyone else out there who has wanted to take the leap and get serious about writing. You can do it, just like I can do it. There are a lot of blogs, forums, web sites and even writer's groups that can scare off a fledgling writer in a split second, and my purpose here is to offer a safe place for those of us who are building confidence, building portfolios and building material at our own pace. Now, off I go...into short story land. Wish me luck!