When It Rains, It Pours...Gigs Galore!

When you apply to over 20 places looking for freelance work, the law of averages says that something is bound to turn up. And true to the "feast or famine" reality which comes with freelance work, the harvest has finally come! Last week, I literally sent 20 applications out to various freelancing gigs, among other opportunities, and my inbox is beginning to show and influx of exciting possibilities. Three of which I will share here...

First, there was an acceptance from CopyPress, a content mill site which seems to have more work available than TextBroker. TextBroker, for me, has fallen by the wayside because there simply is not enough work in my designated pool, it seems to have all migrated to the level 4 area, which I am not. I considered opening a new account, now that I have more writing experience and my writing wheels have been greased properly to perhaps start at a four star rating, but because I have been paid a MUCH higher rate for my work, it's hard to go back down--even in my semi-desperate financial state. That being said, CopyPress doesn't pay much more than TextBroker, but the work is consistent, and easier. At least, this is what I have gathered from the little bit of research I did before applying to the site. We shall see...and I will keep you posted on my new experiences there.

Next, I received a query request from a real magazine! If accepted, it will be the first time my writing has made it to print, aside from my college newspaper. This would mean REAL pay--triple what I received on my first real freelance gig--which was 10 times what I was getting through TextBroker. Amazing, huh? This one is a little scary, but with the help of my trusty Writer's Market, I'm going to respond with not one query, but two. GULP.

Last, and most importantly, I submitted a class proposal to my local Community College which has been accepted. The process was very simple, and is moving forward like the easiest, most natural thing in the world. Which is exactly how most every amazing thing that has happened in my life has come to fruition. My interview/sign up is coming up soon, so I will keep you informed of the results. This could mean a regular position, and possible added opportunities in directions I have never thought of before, so I am super excited.

So the lesson within this post is to:

2.) Apply to opportunities that are a bit outside your box, out of your expertise, or over your experience level--because you just never know, and stretching yourself only increases your knowledge and life experience, regardless of the outcome. (and you might make a few bucks in the meantime, so it can't be all bad)
3.) Apply to as many opportunities as you can, because you might be surprised as the floodgates open up, and you can perhaps pick and choose the best of the bunch. Good luck!