Follow-Up To Recently Acquired Writing Gigs

Last week, I was flying high on cloud nine with all of the recent potential opportunities that have recently flooded my inbox. While I'm probably making this sound like more that it really is, it's huge news for me. So as promised, I wanted to fill you in on the completion of my first two assignments with CopyPress; I received my first assignments and quickly went to work on them to finish way before the deadline. There was quite a learning curve, as the assignments required very specific keyword formats, even more so than I'm used to providing. However, the pay is much higher than the majority of sites out there looking for product descriptions within the 150-300 word parameter, so I was willing to take the extra time needed to execute the project properly.

During this, the editorial staff at CopyPress could not have been nicer, or more helpful. These people really treat you like an individual person, and not a number. I couldn't believe the feedback I was getting for these two little assignments, and I eagerly look forward to more work from them. The workload is something that is rather vague, although writers are expected to deliver a minimum of 3000 words a week--when work is available. So far, there are no clues as to how often work will be available, or what the frequency of the assignments like the ones I just completed (which were from one of the biggest online presences) will be. So as before, I will keep you posted.

Something else keeps nagging me a little about CopyPress; the fact that there is so little information about them anywhere online. I don't yet know if this is one of the world's best kept secrets, or if they just don't advertise via the internet--which could very well be the case--because of the high profile clients they get. I dunno. Anyway, more on that after payment has been received and/or I'm given more work.

Next! The most amazing news of all is that your truly is going to be teaching classes in the Fall on how to sell online via Etsy and other marketplace platforms. The process was so easy, it's still hard to believe it's really going to happen. I'm including this news here on my writing blog, because in addition to the campus classes I'll be teaching, the additional possibility of online classes is a very real one. Which would of course mean that the entire lesson plans would be written. This has the potential to bring in a steady stream of income, not to mention that I can work form home--or wherever I wish. How cool is that?? I will share the news as it develops.

This post has turned out to be more show & tell than an informative one, but then again, if we can't talk about our successes, how do we continue to make them flourish and expand? Not every post can be for the benefit of others, sometimes it has to be for our own selfish reasons, right? I mean, whose blog is it anyway??