Short Excerpt from My First Fictional Horror Story

The following was written promptly upon waking at 4:36am, after a horror dream I had last night. Most likely, this was my brain's direct response to reading H.P. Lovecraft's Beyond the Wall of Sleep before I went to bed. Although my hubby says it sounds more like Clive Barker. I'm gonna have to explore him too! Enjoy....if you can...

[The thing sprang out from the partially open closet door, taking a fierce nip at my ankle. As I stood there awash in horror, it let out a frightening screech, while a woman's head and torso burst out of the dog-like body. It hobbled away from me, dragging its upper body by its half-formed arms and leaving a trail of blood and viscous substance behind. Within a few feet's distance, the thing suddenly turned it's freakish, glistening bald head toward me and let out another blood curdling sound, while its lactating nipples shot out streams of milk. Then it was gone..]

Haha! Reading it now, I can think of at least three different horror movies this could be from; The Thing, Lifeforce, Hellraiser...among others, but I have never experienced anything quite like this while in a dream before. Interestingly, maybe this thing about reading voraciously will really work. Certainly, I need to devote more time to reading, having neglected that passion for so long because of desperately trying to earn a living. Well, no more I say! Feeding my creative desires and fueling my abilities with inspiration is long overdue. Who knows, I just may add to this scary snippet, making it into some sort of short story, so stay tuned! Happy (horror) writing!