New Things I've Learned While Hunting for Writing Gigs

Today, a couple of things have sunk in past my hard, thick head that I wanted to share with you...

1).Previously, I mentioned that between the inspiration of H.P. Lovecraft and the power of dreams, I can begin to create fictional stories from my fiction-less mind, perhaps with less struggle than I thought. Using my dreams as springboards for story ideas is probably such a simple equation to most people, but for someone like me who is so steeped in the truth of experience, this is a novel idea. har...har (novel idea, indeed). Additionally, Lovecraft is teaching me that horror fiction can be 'beautiful' to look at, by means of flowery descriptions of the abominations I choose to concoct.

So, this means I need to begin writing down my dreams-no matter what. Lovecraft has stories that are referred to as 'dream stories' or 'dream cycle stories', so how much more encouragement do I need here??

2). While applying to a staggering number of writing gigs (20 in the last five days), I also learned that every single element of my writing (blogs, profiles, social media interactions, as well as previous writing experience) all count as little pieces of my portfolio. I hadn't really realized the importance editors and writing employers were putting on having your own blog...and I have two! This led me to discover that both of my blogs have a DA or PA well over 30, which is good news...whatever that means. Actually, I believe it just means that the content I am providing has been found to be accurate, true, and coming from a reliable source. I think. Any insights on that one, anybody?

Lastly, (and this isn't something new I've learned, just a continual work-in-progress), I am working hard on staying focused and positive. Projecting to The Universe great feelings of gratitude for the upcoming financial stability I will receive from my writing, fueled by passion and perseverance. How's that?!