Successful Completion of Freelance Gig #1...Now What???

Oh dear, it has been awhile since I have kept you posted on my freelance writing shenanigans, dear readers. But that is because I have been steadily working on a very large freelance project, one I am nearly at the end of, and I have to ask myself...what now??

Well, it's a good question, but one that I have a positive answer to: jump right back in the pool and go fishing for freelance gig #2! Having just signed up at LinkedIn, a great connection site for networking, I'm definitely feeling more confident now than I did a mere month ago, before I landed the first real freelancing gig, and very much looking forward to the next one. For those out there who have yet to land your first big freelance job, don't give up! It's out there, you just have to know you're going to get it, and it's going to be great!

Remember that HubPages is an excellent place to 'get your feet wet' while earning a little income, and keeping those writing wheels well-oiled by writing about anything you know and love. There are a surprising number of success stories by people who have landed all kinds of jobs, just from one of their well-written hubs. There is a very welcoming community at HubPages, so don't be afraid to jump in and try it out.

I will definitely make a point to get back on track with frequent posts again, now that I have scaled the mountain of freelance work and put my little flag on its crest! Stay tuned for more helpful hints, success stories and loads of encouragement to come! Happy writing!