My First REAL Freelance Writing Gig And Giving Back

Believe it or not, dear readers, yours truly has just landed her first REAL freelance writing gig of her career! Of course, I am simultaneously filled with excitement and self doubt, but am managing to keep a positive outlook. The job is a big one, and recently became even bigger, which ultimately means more pay. Truly, this job means the absolute turning point in my life, I do not mean to be dramatic or exaggerate; it literally means all of my bills will be paid ON TIME (for the first time in a long time) and will mean the first really legitimate entry for my writing portfolio. See why I'm so excited and freaked all at the same time??

Let's be clear, I did land this job with my writing abilities, but it never would have crossed my path without the help of my dear friend Joe, fellow freelance writer and owner of His faith in my skills alone  prompted me to begin my blogs, venture into the freelancing world on my own and begin to create a name for myself. I realize I have only been at this a few short months, (four to be exact, and working on the fifth) however, I truly have been writing all of my life with no knowledge that I could honestly apply it as experience for a real, honest-to-goodness paying writing job. Luck does indeed have a lot to do with it, but I believe we make our own luck; with positive thoughts, making an effort to do our best, taking chances and KEEPING IT REAL.

I will keep you posted on my progress and ultimate completion of my first real writing gig, and let you know what I learn along the way. My goal with this blog is not only to keep a log of my writing progress for myself, but to help others who may be in similar situations, getting ready to launch their own writing careers. I hope someday I can mentor someone through the process like my friend Joe has done for me. Happy writing!