Writing Slacker And Changing Your Life With "The Secret"

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Inevitably, the Holidays have bitch-slapped my writing momentum, causing a dry spell of posts here, as well as my freelancing duties. Ok, Ok, I know I'm ultimately responsible, and I will strive to get that momentum back to where it was-at the very least-or to a higher level when the Holidays have passed. Granted, this is the most successful time of year for my Etsy Vinyl Shop. Between packaging orders, listing new titles and hunting for new inventory, there just aren't enough hours in the day left to devise a witty or informative article, blog post or even a journal entry. I miss it. I miss the feeling of my brain getting a workout, as well as putting something valuable out there into cyber space. Not to mention a few dollars in my pocket, from writing, that is.

So I have decided that today is a writing day. No hunting, no packaging, no standing in line at the Post Office. Today is about staying cozy indoors with a perpetual mug of steaming tea, Marilyn Monroe on the turntable and with a little luck, a 600 word article and freelance work in addition to this post.

Normally, it isn't difficult to come up with interesting things to write about. But as I have vinyl on the brain, the subject matter lately doesn't seem to stray too far away from music and related topics. However, a couple of nights ago, I did have the most wondrous dream...

I had submitted a story line to a company I worked for (which seemed to include machinery, office work and comic books) and they wholeheartedly accepted it, paying me generously for the submitted work along with a huge promotion to the writing team. It marked the first time in my life to receive a promotion of this magnitude, also resulting in a huge change in my current life situation for the better.

The reason this dream is so important is because I now know what it feels like to experience the feeling of success in a writing capacity. It has been said that to receive the things in life that you want, the key is to feel what it's like to receive these things, manifesting that good feeling and positive energy flow. In a sense, pretending that you have already received whatever it is you are asking for, and projecting that satisfied sense and GRATITUDE out into the Universe. By doing this, the Universe will immediately go to work to make it happen for you--provided you don't sabotage yourself or fill your head and heart with self doubt, negativity or uncertainty. It can be very difficult to not let these things get in the way of your desires, by seeping into your subconscious and blocking the Universe's work with just a few, poor choices and actions.

If any of these tactics sound familiar, it's because they are promoted in The Secret which is available on Netflix streaming, or for purchase on Amazon. The idea behind The Secret literally changed my life, as it has for so many people. I cannot recommend it highly enough, the principles are so simple and make SO much sense. One of the ideas which struck me the most is to think of a genie up in the Universe waiting to do your bidding. If you say, "Oh I could never afford that!" or "I couldn't possibly lose enough weight to wear that", think of the genie saying "Your wish is my command." And that is a premium example of self-sabotage. You just sealed your fate with a simple sentence. So instead say, "I can't wait to buy that" or "I will feel so good wearing that outfit". Then, again, think of Genie saying, "Your wish is my command". See the difference? IT WORKS. I am not a paid representative, I promise you. I have just learned that these concepts (and many others all explained in The Secret) really do work and it costs NOTHING but a few simple (simple, but not necessarily easy) changes in your thought processes and patterns, choices and behavior.

With the New Year upon us, it's a perfect time to reflect (but not dwell) on the failures of the past year and decide how we're going to tackle them in the coming year. I know for myself, there are many things to work on, improve upon and accomplish differently to ensure, yes, ensure that 2012 will be my most successful year to date. Won't you join me?

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Happy Holidays everyone, be safe!