Fictional Story Excerpt: Viggo & Me - A Dreamwork Exchange

*A word or two about this story; this is a brief excerpt from a dream I had nearly a year ago. Currently, it's sitting patiently, waiting for me to wave my magic wand and expand it into a full-fledged short story. We shall see...

Looking down at me, I heard these words; "This feeling is unique to us only. What we share cannot be felt by anyone else." He said this with his eyes. His mouth never spoke a word. All of my fears were conveyed the same way, without speaking. Mind to mind, heart to heart.

I thought I would burst with love for him. "I have a husband, a life. How could I have such feelings for another man, in just an instant?" I thought.

"There are humans with responsibilities in our lives." He said with a wry smile, still without speaking.

I could sense he was quite used to this feeling, more evolved than I was. For me, this was heart-wrenching, a hollow longing that didn't have an end in sight. But somehow, I was comforted by his calm, deep-seated knowledge. His quiet, 'at peace' way of being.

Even though we were surrounded by a bustling film set with people running hurriedly at their jobs with serious, determined looks on their faces. Within the circle of Viggo's embrace, I felt so completely apart from this frenzied world. As if we were invisible, looking in on this human existence and its silly inhabitants.

Being inquisitive by nature, looking up at him I asked suddenly, "You must get paid more for your engineering services than as an actor." Marveling at the elaborate set being built in front of us. He looked at me, gave a light chuckle and said, "You would think so." I guessed not.

*Judge not too harshly, I am not in the habit of writing fictional stories at all. I really only know how to write the truth. But somehow, this brief exchange felt a need to be realized, immortalized into some sort of something...