November 1st: A New Year, New Beginnings and the Day of the Dead Part 1

For some people, November 1st marks the beginning of a new calender year. Belonging to no particular  religion, this day has always been a marker for me; a time to let go of misfortunes that may have happened in the last 365 days; a day to start anew with a fresh outlook and attitude complete with resolutions. What's that you say? How do I manage this with the 'biggest holidays of the year' approaching faster than you can say 'Merry...'? Easy. I gave up doing things just because the calendar and society says so.

Every year, we hear more grumblings about how the holidays have become so commercialized, so far from their original meanings and history. It's no wonder that Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's are not happy holidays for a lot of people, and increasingly so. For a lot of people it means undue stress, sadness, loneliness <----- just look at all those 'esses', no one would look forward to that. But perhaps some people just don't know how not to feel these things because they've never found any answers that strike a chord within them. Well, if I can get even one person to make a change in their life, then I've done my job.

Most people are a 'slave' to the calendar, and by that I mean deadlines, work schedules, school schedules and the like. Try to focus on implementing the things you can control, while focusing less on the things you can't control. Do not allow the uncontrollable to control you. My Dad always used to say, "can't lives on won't street", but it took me many years to understand what he meant by that. Of course, we all understand what that means now, but perhaps the wise words of Yoda can better express what I am trying to get across here; 'Do or do not. There is no try.' Exactly.

Since much of these upcoming holidays revolve around family, take the time to consider this; does making the long haul to Aunt Viv's house only to be subjected to embarrassment and a possible family feud really sound like a valuable way to spend your time? Do you allow yourself to go overboard when it comes to gift giving, only to be disappointed by the after effects of bills, less-than-appreciative friends, family or acquaintences? Why? Because the calender and society tells you to? Perhaps this year you should try something different. Try pleasing yourself, because by pleasing yourself, it becomes very easy to please others.

To be continued....