Horror Movie Of The Month: Snow White - A Tale Of Terror

As you all may know, I am a huge horror fanatic. It's Halloween time all year round at our house, as hubby and I watch horror movies almost every night. I have begun a Horror Movie of the Month article and coinciding blog post for each one. This month's entry is Snow White - A Tale Of Terror, a fantastically dark and accurate portrayal of The Grimm Brothers' famous fairy tale. This is no Disney offering. You will not find seven little people dressed in clean, matching dwarf garb, dancing gaily around Snow White while she sings, dances and twirls around on dainty little feet. No, this is dirty, realistic, scary and expertly executed.

Starring the incredibly talented Sigourney Weaver as the wicked stepmother; Sam Neill as her pawn of a husband and Monica Keena as Snow White, or Lilliana in this adaptation. The cast includes several other well known and capable actors, giving even more credibility to an already credible film. Beautifully shot in the Czech Republic with an impressive backdrop of vast forests, castles and all things medieval, this was obviously a well-thought-out effort from screenplay to art direction. The costumes alone are enough to transport us back in time effortlessly, and willingly.

I hope you'll give Snow White - A Tale Of Terror a try. It's certainly no 'chick flick', and not for very young children either. But it will do nicely for all fellow horror fanatics out there who may have missed it, or overlooked it purposely, thinking it was all fluff and nonsense. Au contraire, mon amies, au contraire.

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