Awesome Horror Movie of the Month

Better late than never, it must be said that October is my favorite month of the year, and of course with it comes Halloween, my favorite holiday. In honor of my new career path and my favorite holiday, I am starting a monthly article called "Awesome Horror Movie of the Month". Featured this month is Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon which is currently available on Netflix streaming, but well worth purchasing either online or at your favorite DVD outlet.

Brilliantly written with a refreshingly new take on the slasher/serial killer subgenre, and keeps us horror fanatics on our toes with plenty of references to our beloved franchises of the 80's. See why I like it already? Ok, I may be a little biased because it's partially shot in my hometown, on very familiar grounds. This is what grabbed my attention within the first 15 minutes, when I realized they were filming in the parking lot of what used to be Johnny B's on Hawthorne, not-so-very long ago. We all love to see our beloved hometown captured on film, it sparks an instant connection, and perhaps keeps us watching a little longer when we may otherwise be getting ready to give it the gong. But that certainly isn't the case for this film. Hubby and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, and were thankful for the 90 minutes of quality entertainment which is so hard to come by these days--particularly within the horror genre of today.

So give this one a looksee if you're wanting something to set a perfect Halloween mood, maybe even play it at your upcoming Halloween party. The filmmakers are trying to get a sequel made but need our help to fund it. Check out their Facebook page which features a fundraising contest where you can win a prop from the film, or at the very least get an autographed soundtrack (which is awesome, by the way). Two thumbs up!

Click here to purchase Behind The Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon DVD on Amazon