Giving it A Shot...Launching My Freelance Writing Career

OK, after finally figuring out what I want to be when I grow up, I have been soaking up as much information about it as my big eyes can drink in...but only as much as my brain can handle. Whew! There is SO much information available out there, and it's up to me to figure out the best of the best and run like mad with it. With a LOT of help from an internet pal, and a LOT of moral support from hubby, I am taking the leap.

So far, so good. I signed up with a content mill site (one of the better ones), to get in the practice of writing everyday, and clearing the rust from my mental wheels. At least it pays a little with every article completed, so I don't feel as though I'm sending all these words off into cyberspace without getting anything back. Check. Then I signed up with a few sites to produce content of my choosing, and get paid via ad revenue. The process for this has put me in a catatonic state for the most part, but I must admit a lot of people have been very helpful and patient while leading me through it step by step. Check. The jury is still out on this one though, as I'm discovering it takes a shit-ton of content to produce even the smallest results. However, that being said, I am only in week 5 of my new profession, and really loving it so far.

While my blog is supposed to be about all things vinyl, I think I'm going to change the format a bit and perhaps split the content in half...or should I start a whole new blog dedicated to my writing trials, tribulations and (hopefully) successes?? Hmmm.